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Keep those bikes OUT of the apartment/condominium homes! Recognize that bicyclists are looking for adequate security. The Apt-Lok can provide just that at a minimal cost.

Eliminate bicycle clutter with the APT-LOK

Property managers have been delighted with Sunshine's Apt-Lok! Why? By installing the low cost Apt-Lok system, bike clutter is eliminated. Maintenance costs, which often run as high as $100 per bike per year, are significantly reduced. By keeping bikes out of the living spaces, no more handlebar and pedal damage to walls and corners will occur, nor will greasy, muddy wheel tracks be seen on hallway carpeting. No car parking spaces need to be sacrificed. Even if every occupant is a bicyclist, the Apt-Lok system can easily handle a requirement for 2 bicycle parking spots for every 1 car parking space. With a good lock applied by the bicyclist, security can be assured.

The Apt-Lok is the answer!

Keep bikes securely parked in the car parking area or within the complex in selected locations. The Apt-Lok is flexible in installation sites, promotes high security for bikes at low cost. No car parking spaces will be converted to bicycle parking with the proper site selection.

  • Niche spaces: can be turned into bicycle parking.
  • Security: Bike frames and wheels can be locked with any style of lock.
  • Maintenance: costs are dramatically reduced by keeping bikes out of living spaces.
  • Low Unit Cost: Easily affordable with cost reducing benefits.
  • Fire Department and OSHA: No more citations from bikes being locked in the wrong places.
  • All Sizes: Any style or size bike can be parked and locked.


  • Capacity: 2 bikes per unit
  • Material: Round steel tube and flat steel plate
  • Construction: Plate is pre-drilled to accept anchors and "inverted-U" tube is securely welded to plate.
  • Coating/Finish: Rugged heat-fused/bonded polyvinyl protective coating
  • Size: 28" (H) x 8.5" (W)
  • Mounting: Pre-drilled 6" x 12" base to be anchored to concrete
  • Colors: Standard black
  • Guarantee on Finish: 10 Years!

Options /Optional Accessories

  • Recommended anchor kits for installing on existing concrete may be ordered

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