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Our most popular rack - the standard at many campuses across the nation. Ten Year Guarantee!

Attractive and Rugged

The graceful bends of the Wave-Lok bicycle rack turn bicycle parking into a crisp and organized scene with excellent space efficiency. Any style or size bike can be parked and locked, regardless of handle bar width or frame style. Handlebars are the bane of bicycle parking, and with this rack, handlebars can be easily integrated. The Wave-Lok costs less per bicycle than traditional front-wheel-holder racks and will accommodate up to 8 bikes in its 5-foot length: double the storage of conventional racks! Front-wheel holders simply do not offer adequate security and must be misused to apply a horseshoe-style lock. With the other guys, you get only 1/3 parking capacity when wide-handled ATB style bikes are parked!

It's the Finish!

Every Wave-Lok comes with our unique, rugged polyvinyl finish which protects the bike from scratching or dinging. Our racks never rust or chip, and can't damage bikes like the other guys.


Why the Wave-Lok excels:

  • Construction: Heavy gauge steel pipe and flat steel base plates.
  • Feature: Triangular strengtheners to support the base plate connections.
  • Coating: Rugged heat-fused/bonded polyvinyl protective coating
  • Size: 36" (H) & just under 5' (W)
  • Finish: In the 1980s Sunshine pioneered this unique finish for bike racks; it draws compliments from cyclists and property managers alike.
  • Mounting: Surface-mount with base plate configuration on concrete; asphalt, gravel, or other soft surface requires a 12" bury of the Wave-Lok in-ground configuration.
  • Colors: Black is standard. With large quantity orders, a spectrum of colors is available.
  • Guarantee on Finish: 10 Years!

Options /Optional Accessories

What else is needed?

  • Anchor kits for each unit are available as an option.
  • Shipping is normally by truck, although small quantities may be shipped FedEx/UPS.
  • Will-Call is an option.

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