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Protective Coating Applied to Our Racks

Another Pioneering Break-thru Originated by Sunshine U-Lok Corporation

Why Our Coating is Exciting!

Our standard finish applied to all our Bicycle Parking Racks is a thick coating of poly-thermal mixture. You need to know all the advantages that this coating provides to bicyclists and property managers. The coating sets “Sunshine” apart from others.

Our protective coating is heat fused and specifically bonded to the steel of each rack. It is 10 times thicker than paint or galvanize. The steel is totally encased and therefore cannot rust. From the bicyclists viewpoint, the bike frames cannot become dinged, scratched or marred from the steel of the rack; this invariably happens to bike frames when parked against galvanized, powder coated, painted, and stainless racks of steel. One’s bike frame looks old and battered prematurely after being subjected to metal-on-metal parking racks.

Some folk who aren’t familiar with our quality think that such coatings are subject to cracking, peeling, or oxidizing. To help those doubters, Sunshine offers its legendary 10 Year Guarantee! Now, that’s confidence! We have the field experience in all types of climates and all types of bike parking locations to substantiate this confidence. In 20 years of proudly having this coating as our standard, we have had ZERO complaints.

Our protective coating is FDA approved / non-carcinogenic / non-combustible / salt water resistant / corrosion resistant / excellent UV quality / a Durometer rating of 75 / a mil depth of 50 – 60 / combines with a sub-base bonding adhesive that assures fusion with the steel of each rack. Yes, it’s good stuff!